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Higher Returns, Larger Annual Dividends, and Lower Volatility

Focused on the acquisition and development of multi-family and short-term rentals primarily in high-growth cities, and tertiary markets.


Expansion of real estate markets requires additional capital, particularly in leading U.S. markets. Recently, the most common alternative offering to investors both inside and outside of the U.S. is diversifying their investment portfolio into leading U.S. real estate markets. Due to these insecure investments, coupled with credit tightening in foreign markets, there is an increased demand for acquisitions in emerging US urban-core markets.

We have identified an opportunity in the marketplace to provide an attractive rate of return to both local and foreign investors looking to capitalize on the strong U.S. real estate market while adding diversification to their investment portfolio.

Why Invest?

Consistent Passive Income

Earn rental interest and receive dividends quarterly

Save Time & Energy

Kick back and relax while the Limestone team manages your properties

Diversify with Real Estate

Access historically consistent, recession resistant returns

Capitalize on the Market

Focusing on overleveraged properties drives higher returns for our investors

Learn How You Can Invest With Limestone.